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A writer and creative artist since the age of three, Lisa Mae has coined the term “Inspirationalist.’ With her charming smile and a heart of gold, she has captivated thousands of hearts all over the world with her written words of inspiration. As the founder of the Love, Hugs and Inspiration Campaign, Lisa Mae has immersed herself wholeheartedly in every humanitarian project she undertakes. Her main vision is to “inspire people to live up to their highest vision of themselves and go after their dreams without regret." Lisa Mae has been working with people all her life to help them acheive their highest potential and work though their past obstacles and barriers. As an Abundant Life Facilitator(Life Coach) she guides people through the process of connecting with their inner goals and passions and obtaining their greatest desires. In July 2009 Lisa Mae created the 21 Days of Fearlessness™ program and will launch a workshop in 2010. Contact Lisa Mae for more information and to begin your transformation!”

Lisa Mae has made it her mission to elicit emotional connection through her poetry, writings and inventive story telling. Her writing style is unique, daring, and emotionally charged as she throws her complete soul into each sentence she constructs. Called a ‘Creative Visionary’ and ‘Painter with Words’ she has managed to captivate her readers and ‘fans’ with her honesty and integrity and with a style that is all her own. Lisa Mae's latest non-fiction book and workbook companion, "The Art of Graceful Living," is written with the intent to encourage people to be responsible for their choices and live a life of Grace. She teaches us how to blaze our personal pathway to Greatness and challenges everyone to a 'Year of Awakening,' in which she has designed checklists and exercises to facilitate the reconstruction process.

Lisa Mae’s motto: There is no joy in living ordinary. And she proves this too! Determined to break a self-destructing cycle, Lisa Mae has committed herself to manifesting her vision of becoming a best-selling author, an effective motivational speaker, a successful screenwriter and a talk-show host. Her main platforms are creating awareness for such epidemics as child abuse, sexual abuse, homelessness and poverty and empowering others to create and live their highest dream. “If I can change just one person’s life. I’ve already begun to change the world!”

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