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Lisa Mae’s self-produced poetry collections, The Evolution of Soul and The Collective Evolution have so far touched thousands of lives. Ever the determined individual, she has personally handed each copy to every recipient during her Love, Hugs and Inspiration Campaign.

Lisa Mae recently completed her memoir, Rose Colored Glasses, which is available NOW on Lulu.com.

Lisa Mae is hard at work writing the next installment: Un-Becoming Me. Which continues her journey to Becoming and reveals the emotional and spiritual growth she receives while battling old barriers and stripping away old beliefs.

Her first novel, a narrative-fiction piece titled A Lifetime of Tuesdays, is about a deaf alcoholic (who wasn’t always deaf or an alcoholic) who chooses not to speak or communicate and who must learn how to cope after loss and reclaim her life. Lisa Mae's novel will be available for purchase shortly.

Lisa Mae is also working on her second novel, Bed of Lilies, which is a story about a middle-aged woman dealing with early onset Alzheimer’s and the challenges she faces while trying to make amends with an estranged daughter as well as dealing with the demons of the past.

Her third novel, From the Ashes, a story set in 1940's New York about a neglected beautiful teenager growing up with an eccentric mother who dreams of being a starlet, is also forthcoming.

Lisa Mae is currently working on a non-fiction book and workbook companion, The Art of Graceful Living. This life-changing project is the result of concentrated meditation, prayer, insight and study, in which Lisa Mae has discovered the fine art of living a life of Grace. Through research and Divine guidance, Lisa Mae is learning the concepts of Living Gracefully and becoming trained in the area of Abundant Living. These valuable lessons are being recorded in a remarkable book and workbook companion which will be available shortly.

The Collective Evolution
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Rose Colored Glasses & Lifetime of Tuesdays book cover artwork and design by Jen Govey. The Collective Evolution Cover by Melissa De Marquette.

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