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Why I created the Love, Hugs and Inspiration Campaign:

In late January 2007 I received a phone call from a friend in need. Suicide felt like her only option from the pain she had been experiencing. Through her tears she revealed how she longed for the touch of a warm embrace. It had been ages since she last received a hug and she longed for human contact. After hours of talking through the night, I vowed travel 300 miles just to give her a hug.

I realized then, how important that simple token of affection was. It could save a life.

The next day I had a conversation with another friend who told me about a hugging event in Canada she was going to attend. Half joking, half serious I announced I would do the same thing in Los Angeles. Though I had a distinct fear of being in crowds and on display, I entertained the vision of me standing on a street corner with a sign advertising ‘Free Hugs’, arms outstretched, hugging the world. It seemed like a good idea… but when and how could I possibly do that? At the time I was virtually penniless, and was in a bit of down spirits myself. How could I gift such a thing as love and inspiration to others?

Nevertheless, the idea for the campaign would not leave me. Once implanted it spawned more revelations and ideas. The online community had graciously accepted my poetry and writings and many had written to share their personal stories and gratitude. The response was intense! Perhaps I could create a poetry collection called The Evolution of Soul and pass it with my free hugs…

And so, the Love, Hugs and Inspiration Campaign was born in February 2007. Since then there have been several LHI Campaigns in Santa Monica, Los Angeles, and Hollywood. The Collective Evolution poetry collection was produced in August 2007 and features poetry from people all over the world in a collaborative union of souls. The Collective Evolution is an ongoing poetry collection and is updated seasonally. For updates on where the next event will be held, visit the News link. For consideration for the next collection, poetry can be submitted to: Poetry at lisamae dot net (written in a n t i - s p a m )

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