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Lifetime of Tuesdays

What happens when the world you’ve always known ceases to exist in a single day?
Meredith McAdams is smack dab in the middle of such a reality. Lifetime of Tuesdays is about Meredith, a shy and quiet 37 year old woman, who embarks upon a quest to escape the poverty she grew up in. But she soon learns that there is a heavy price to pay to get what you want. Meredith marries into one of Providence’s richest families, and later comes to understand that money cannot buy happiness.
In a tragic accident that leaves Meredith widowed and deaf, she escapes the reality of her past with several daily doses of vodka tonics. As the days turn into years, Meredith’s world grows infinitely smaller as she chooses not to face the loss of her first born, her husband’s death and betrayal and her hearing. Self-exiled within her own home, Meredith loses contact with the outside world. Her only sources of comfort are alcohol and her weekly Tuesday visits with her gardener, Jenkins.
Refusing to cope with her hearing loss, Meredith communicates via pen and paper, and lives inside a flurry of thought and emotion. When Meredith’s new neighbors, Grace and her seven-year old boy, Jacob ‘accidentally’ enter her life, Meredith begins to open herself up to new possibilities. Old habits die hard, however, and soon Grace and Jacob get caught up in Meredith’s dysfunction and inadvertently prevent her from growing up.
But all good things must come to an end—even co-dependent relationships. When Jenkins’ wife, Emma Jean unexpectedly dies, Jenkins takes a much-needed break, forcing Meredith to learn how to pick up the pieces of her past and create a life of her own.
As Meredith takes us on an emotional journey, we come to understand the emotions that make us human and what empowers us to make the choices we make in our lives.
Lifetime of Tuesdays is a narrative piece, which takes us inside the human mind of a person who wants to break the cycle of self-destruction, but doesn’t know how. It is an emotional journey which is specifically written to take readers further into the creative story experience, and thrust us within the character’s soul.

Book Cover artwork and design by Jen Govey.

All Written Work Copyright Lisa Mae Brunson
Website Design By Jen Govey
Photography By Sergey Vasylkov