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Rose Colored Glasses

Lisa Mae recently completed her memoir, Rose Colored Glasses, which is available NOW on Lulu.com.

Rose Colored Glasses is a painfully honest account, and lays out the bare bones of a family who is almost destroyed by the curse of Silence. Stunningly poignant; it describes the heartbreaking effects of mental illness and abuse and the quest for individual freedom.

This book is for everyone who wants to break a destructive cycle, or who wants to speak out against abuse.

Rose Colored Glasses teaches us to accept the people who have hurt and betrayed us, and to allow the beauty of forgiveness to pave the pathway to healing.



Sweat drips across bodies as breathing ascends. Chest hurts. Heart threatens to leap out as palms grow clammy and then wet. Soaking the sheets—a mixture of sweat, fear and possibly urine. Thumping against the wall as glass breaks. A woman screams as hand connects with flesh. Generations of anger mix with decades of fear in the air. A blanket of remorse hangs in the bedroom where children lay. This is only the beginning of a long evening.

As Time escapes from the home, an eerie luminance casts a dream-like glow in every room. Movement accelerates in rapid motion and then slows with exaggeration—like a record player that has gone haywire. Children whimper, and then weep with caution… afraid the man with the loud voice might hear them and come in. Leg muscles clench involuntarily as cells remember the sting of a belt. Another glass breaks.

The man with the booming voice rattles walls. They vibrate with a vengeance that rivals earthquakes. Woman’s voice is muffled as a fist plants firmly into her jaw, followed by a kick to the stomach. Ribs break. Woman howls into the night air. The children have seen it all before and can imagine what is happening in the next room despite hiding under drenched bed sheets and being surrounded by rattling walls.

Man drags woman by hair, digging his thick fingers into her short mane. Bits of scalp lodge in fingernails. Pain. The man shouts angry curse words causing the children to burrow deeper in the bed. They know what is coming next. One, two, three, four, five seconds… Woman is thrown against the wall as wind rushes out of her. Whoosh. No air at all in the household.

Gasping for breath. Gasping for understanding. Struggling to stand up. Aching to live. Seconds melt into each other and create a long period of quiet—a deep dark quiet just before the blood rushes. Then it comes. Nose gushes, followed by mouth. Tiny rivers of red flow from the corners. Cuts on the forehead release as pain crescendos. Inside the tomb—a broken spirit. Bones weep. Heart wallows. Organs forget how to function.

Exhaustion and fatigue creep in to nestle in fingertips. Man backs away from crime scene and stumbles into oblivion. Children feel anger slither outside the door when man moves past. Stomachs drop. Shudder. As woman slips into unconsciousness, Time re-enters the front door. Hazy glow begins to fade. Clear. Hands still wet with anticipation, air still thick with sadness. Breathing difficult—but lungs adapt. A plume of smoky black descends upon the eyes. A cursed silence. Lights out.

What readers are saying about
Rose Colored Glasses:

"This revelatory story brings to light those ancient echoes of horrible familial trauma and abuse that resonate through humankind. I felt your searing pain and your siblings' pain as well as your friend's. Your depiction of your parents was excellent, ripping through to the bare bones. Those lucky(?) few of us, who finally and mercifully removed from the past trauma of abuse somehow find a kind of release by "spilling our guts" on the written page, thereby achieving a kind of grace as having been witnesses for ourselves and the other innocents. Thank you." --Robin Singer

"A part of me just doesn't know what to say. I cried through reading most of this. You describe your story in such vivid emotional detail that it is like being there to experience it yourself. I am so sorry for all you and your family went through. Even if abuse does not extend to the children, parents do not realize what a profound effect it has on them. The scars are worse, in some ways, than bruises or broken bones. They are deeper and do not heal as quickly. This is beautifully written, and I couldn't have stopped reading if I'd wanted to. It seems almost blasphemous, to me, to comment on such aspects of something so deeply personal, but it is a testament to your inner strength that you express such horrible things with such dark beauty." --Annie Starr

"Wow, what stories! They reminded me a bit of my own childhood, actually. Stories of abuse have to be told and told and told, so that one day we might be able to stop it! Thanks for sharing. Blessings!" --Kenzie

"I just read your story and loved it. I want you to know I completely understand how you feel about your mother. Your story has got to be the best true-to-life story I've ever read! I hope you are going to continue reaching out to others through timeless literary works. I want you to know that I was really impressed. I enjoyed reading it, in fact-- I was so touched. Thank you!" --Blue angel

"It is so hard to write about things so personal, the very same things that shape and mold who we are today. But you do it beautifully. The story keeps me riveted to my seat as on one hand I want to know what happens. On the other, I wanted it to remain the secret that kept you safe in your world. The way you used your sense of touch and smell to describe the scene takes and places your reader there in the lap of your pain. Lying holds repercussions unimaginable to the human psyche. Beautiful writing." --Fates

"Wow. This was fantastic. You really have the ability to paint with words." --Portia James

"Here I am faced with a tearful review piece. Your writing, emotion, and expression are all beautiful; but I can't be left speechless, as you do need feedback. Descriptions are captured perfectly as in a still life painting. I applaud your work! Good job!" --Bridget Blythe

"This story has moved me. I can relate very strongly to your protagonist because my father was the one having the affair. I want to find all of these kids and give them a big hug. This story was wonderful, but heart-wrenching." --Nancy

"Wow, this is great. I really enjoyed it, so much detail I feel as though I’m here! Nicely written, makes the audience want to read on." --Nina

"You wrote this very well. A very tragic story. I am sure that a lot of people out there can relate with this piece and the similar circumstances that they may have gone through. Me for one! It must have taken you a lot to go as deep into this story as you did. Keep writing on." --AK novelist

"Quite simply amazing and while I too had a childhood tainted by alcoholic parents short in their duties, you're story both captivated me with it's chilling parallels and horrified me with it's candor and detail. It was stunning in its honesty and brutality." --Jeremy Auyeung

"Whewwww, the first part of this was about as terrifying as anything I have ever read or seen and I have dealt with families that have been abused and ripped asunder. Well written and if this really happened in your family you have my utmost sympathy." --E.E. Coder

"My mother is bipolar and my parents are divorced. My family went through a horrible divorce. I recognize the "episodes" in your piece. Your cynicism is well placed. My mother still "bullies" us. I'm always afraid she'll blow up at my school or anywhere, so I have to bow to my mother's wishes and do what she says. How can I resist "authority"? Can I disrespect a crazy person? When she would have an "episode" when I was younger, I said that it was someone else in my mommy's body. I haven't ever tried to write about it. I appreciate your piece. Thank you!" --Addie

"Oh my heavens, what a heart-rending story! I screamed at the computer to make the girl stand up to her parents! (Kinda stupid of me, I guess.) This was a very well told story, and whether it is real or not, I know there are others like it. Thank you for sharing a magnificently told story." -- Shonha L

"Wow, great intro paragraph. Great intro chapter for that matter. You sucked me in and didn’t let go of my attention until the very end. Great job." --James Lavelle

"Reading this was a blessing to me! You've definitely had quite a life, and you do a wonderful job of telling about it. I hope you'll write for a long time, because your story is one that needs to be told!" --AJ

"Your story provides us with a very emotional picture of a family in trouble. It tugs at my heart and makes me wonder how some men can be so cruel. I hope that your family was eventually able to mend its wounds. Vaya con Dios." --Hank

"You write amazingly well - such a nice flow to your work, easy to follow, carries the reader along. You definitely have a gift." --Sophie Brandon

"Very well done! I could feel the fear, shame and pain of the children living in such a situation. This is a very powerful story." --Sashi

"I must say that this piece grabbed me by the throat and did not let go until the end...in fact, I still feel the effects of your story. This was quite well written, and the narration was amazing. Well done! You obviously have a great deal to say, and there are those of us who need to hear your voice!" --Nadia

"Wow! What a powerful, well-told story. Your descriptions of the feelings of the narrator are vivid, and you have done an excellent job of leading without revealing, building the drama to the inevitable outcome. Well done!" --Wonderwood

"God! What a great writer you are! You brought back my own childhood, except that since we moved every year, I didn't have the luxury of a friend to talk to. And there is no way my parents would ever have gone to therapy! The masks of "Everything is ok." and "We are better than other people." left me doubting my own reality for most of my life. Thank you for putting your story into the world. I wish you peace and healing." --Linda Rogers

"This is a deeply touching piece of work. Your writing style is very powerful and effective in drawing in the reader. The reality feels unmistakable throughout --which is never an easy thing to accomplish. This must have been difficult to write, well done." --Emily Lassen

"Wow! This is a very interesting read. You have a wonderful way of expression and written words. Your writing style compliments this story and provides for a very delightful read. I enjoyed reading this. From the setting, to the plot, to the characters to the climax, this was a wonderful read. I was on edge as the child was approaching her new scene, wondering what she would find. At first I though she would find her parents happily together (which would have been strange) then to find out the shocking truth... I was amazed. Though not a suspense novel, it had me wondering a great deal. Excellent write!" --Annalynne

"I sure can relate to your story, although my reasons aren't quite what yours are. Your portrayal of your family was grand to say the least. A published author, poet, and songwriter, I found this piece terrific!" --Sherri Gibson

"This was very good, I felt as though I were there. I usually only read fiction and clicked on this by mistake. But I couldn't stop reading; I was hooked from the first paragraph. I found this hauntingly real and will be reading the next installment." -- Craig Stone

"You did a really good job on writing. I loved everything, absolutely everything!" --K. Kat

"How touching and heartbreaking at the same time. I liked your easy flow of words, and the emotion and feeling you put into this story like only someone who has been through this firsthand could do. I hope all is well with your sister and the rest of your family." --Amber

"Your attention to detail is vivid and brought me into the scene completely. I hope you find a publisher and get this out to the public. I feel that every time abuse is brought to light, the better chance we have at getting stricter laws enforced." --Nikola

"Wow, I really liked this. It was definitely well written and it seemed as if every word counted and had meaning. It's a relief to read something so splendid after an evening filled with horrible reviews. Thanks for a pleasurable read. I also give you my congratulations on keeping me attentive in the early hours of the day." --Mr. McLellan

"This was well written and pulled me in and compelled me to be a witness. I pray that your life will hold great happiness and there will be healing for you and your siblings." --D. Singh

"The story's flow is amazing and seems effortless. You really know what you're talking about, and your words made it seem like I was there. Well done!" --Mike

"This is a difficult story to review. I enjoyed it. It is well written and almost poetic in its descriptions. It is definitely very reflective. I assume that this is not happy memory for you to probe and I applaud you for having the courage to delve into it." --Nighala

Book Cover artwork and design by Jen Govey.

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